X800 – The ultimate recliner lounge bed from gaming to reading to sleeping

•  Frame – Folding
  Head and Foot Adjustments
  Wireless Remote
  18 Control Buttons
  Massage Feature

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The ultimate recliner lounge bed from gaming to reading to sleeping

  • Comfort Settings include – Head, upper body, foot and lounge positions help you find the ideal position from head to toe for gaming, watching TV, reading, or simply relaxing + Dual body massage features two zones, seven wave intensities and a full-body mode to help you recover from workouts or long days + There is an extra 15° of head tilt and a -18° for the Ulti-MATE recliner lounge bed.
  • Convenience – The intelligent “wall hugger” frame design means that the nightstand stays within easy reach, even at the highest head position + The frame fits most standard headboards
  • Technology – The wireless, 18-button backlit remote gives you access to a wide range of resting and sleeping positions, including massage modes and two memory buttons + Unique visual angle monitor shows your position at all times + USB charging ports on either side of the bed let you plug in smartphones and tablets within easy reach, and without taking up precious outlet space + Optional Ultii-MATE Sleep Systems app (Android and iOS) syncs via Bluetooth to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote.
  • Reliability – The frame has a 700-pound weight capacity + An electronic linear actuator can apply 6000 Newtons of force to move the frame’s movement quietly and consistently,and is virtually maintenance free + Steel frame
  • Safety – Exceptional ergonomics for whatever you do. The “wall hugger” frame design does more than keep you aligned with your nightstand – the frame literally moves in as you raise the foot of the bed, eliminating any horizontal gap + A standard retainer bar keeps the mattress in place as you raise or lower it + LED underbed lighting illuminates the area around the bed if you have to get up during the night +Backup power down lets you move the bed into a horizontal position in case of a power outage
  • Value – Amazing ergonomics for a range of activities, plus exceptional functionality, technology, reliability and safety, all at an amazing price

King sized adjustable foundations done the right way! To make a King foundation, we use the industry preferred method of combining two (2) TXL foundations to make a King foundation. Using this method, you get two (2) linear actuators (motors) to move your head section and two (2) linear actuators (motors) to move your feet. This gives you twice the strength to elevate the sections of your foundation. Some other brands cut costs by not using this preferred and best method…

1 Year full
3 Year Parts
20 Years Frame

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Twin Extra Long, Queen, King (2 Twin Set)


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