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The USS Adjustable foundations are industry-standard sizes. Without the legs, the Queen size should fit into most homes. With the USS B300 and M500 models, the adjustable foundations are folded in half and this makes them even smaller and easier to get into small spaces.

All models of USS Adjustable Foundations utilize six (6) legs of support. With the B300 and M500, there are legs supporting the center of the adjustable foundation where the hinge is, and there are also two (2) pivot pins locking the hinge in its open position. All of the USS Adjustable Foundations are warranted to hold up to 700 lbs. of weight (weight of the mattress and total weight of those using the adjustable foundations).

No, the USS Adjustable Foundations takes the place of your bed frame. And every USS Adjustable Foundation gives you six (6) legs of support.

Most mattresses will work with the adjustable foundation. Only inner spring mattresses with a border wire is not compatible with an adjustable foundation. Air mattresses and foam mattresses will work with the adjustable foundation, we highly recommend buying your mattress with the adjustable foundation at the same time to insure compatibility.

First, ask your retailer about their delivery and set up service. Should you choose to do it yourself, it is a fairly logical assembly. The USS Adjustable Foundations are almost completely assembled already. With the B300 and M500 models, you will open the adjustable foundation, placing the pivot pins in place, then threading the six (6) legs into place, plugging in the power supply, turning the adjustable foundation over to it’s upright position, putting the batteries into the remote control and plugging the power supply into a power outlet (to protect your investment and yourself, we highly recommend using a surge protector power strip).

Refer to your included owner’s manual, there are simple troubleshooting guidelines listed there for you to follow.

The USS Adjustable Foundations come with a warranty of: 1 Year all parts and labor (check with your retailer on how they can assist you getting this accomplished), 3 Years of coverage for all parts and a 20 Year warranty on the frame. We also recommend talking to your retailer about the protection program that they offer, these protection programs usually give you additional piece of mind for your investment.

It should not move on your hardwood floors, but be proactive and ask your retailer or go to your local home improvement store and buy six (6) rubber caster cups to put under the legs of the adjustable foundation.

No, the USS Adjustable Foundation takes the place of the box spring or foundation. Your mattress will sit right on top of the USS Adjustable Foundation.

No, with the USS Adjustable Foundations being made to industry-standard sizes, it will fit inside your beautiful bed, similar to how your box spring and foundation fit inside your beautiful bed.

The M500, U700 and X800 models come standard with headboard brackets. Headboard brackets can be purchased from your retailer for the B300 model.

No, most brands of inner spring mattresses, air mattresses and foam mattress will work on an adjustable foundation.

If you have your adjustable foundation on a hardwood floor, it will resonate on the hardwood floors. We would recommend placing small pieces of carpet under each leg to aid in dampening the vibration from the massage feature.

We highly recommend you go to your local home improvement store and purchase a set of furniture moving sliders. You would put these under each leg, and they will allow you to slide the adjustable foundation across your carpeted floor without damaging the carpet or floor.

They are giving you their reasons for reducing the cost of manufacturing their units. To make a King foundation, we use the industry accepted method of combining two (2) TXL foundations to make a King foundation. And by using this industry accepted method, you get two (2) linear actuators (motors) to move your head section and two (2) linear actuators (motors) to move your feet. This gives you twice the strength in the foundation to elevate the sections of your foundation.