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Who we are

BH and Ultimate Sleep System

BH remains a family run business and continues to maintain the essence of a company that remains true to its values it was founded upon over a century ago: innovation, research, commitment, reliability and technological development; and above all, its passion for all things that improves the overall health and well being of its global customer base.

Ultimate Sleep Systems, through our parent company’s R&D and engineering teams and in conjunction with our manufacturing partner, is able to bring to market innovative, quality products that will stand the test of time. Our factory partner has been manufacturing power bed platforms for the global market for over a quarter century and through this vast wealth of manufacturing experience has worked with USS to bring to market an exciting, quality range of products that are sure to delight the most discerning quality and performance focused consumer. We invite you to compare our specifications, technology, and features with the competition and experience the value that we bring to market. We are confident that you will agree that, Ultimate Sleep Systems, is more than a brand name, it is a brand promise…

How you sleep speaks volumes about how you live. Experiencing regular, fully restful sleep impacts your mind, body and spirit. The challenge is that no two people sleep the same, so a stationary sleep system that works for one may cause another to toss and turn when they should be at rest.

A leading global company with more than a century of experience in the health, wellness, fitness and cycling industries – created Ultimate Sleep System to help people rest, relax and revitalize as they pursue active, healthy lifestyles. Blending sleep science, kinesiology and technology, Ultimate Sleep System easily and reliably dials in the perfect position for reading, lounging or experiencing an amazing night’s sleep.

At Ultimate Sleep Systems, we pride ourselves on our quaity products and superior customer service and technical support.

Our in-house Warranty and Repair Department can quickly diagnose and solve your claims. We can process and ship most orders to you within 24-hours of receipt. For more information, contact a friendly USS Customer Service Representative.